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Family Law

Do you have a Turkish partner or are you foreigners in Turkey looking to divorce? No matter what, we can help you for consultation and litigation.

Family – Divorce

Divorcing a Turkish Partner

If you have a Turkish partner you can either divorce abroad or in Turkey. If you divorce in TurkeyTurkish Law shall be applied. You can also get the foreign country decision on your divorce recognized and enforced in Turkey. To divorce in Turkey you can either apply for contested divorce or a non-contested divorce which takes a lot shorter time and which is less expensive.

Non-Contested Divorce

Contested divorce may take years to become definite whereas you can divorce in a week with a non-contested divorce.

non-contested divorce is a divorce where parties agree on the terms of the divorce. It is advised to consult a family divorce lawyer to draw up a contract for your non-contested divorce

The divorce protocol must regulate the following points:
Division of the common assets
Whether or not a party will receive compensation 
Whether or not alimony payments will be made to a spouse or for common children
If there are common children: who will get the child custody and how will the other party maintain the contact with the child(ren)
Payment of the legal expenses 

Contested Divorce

The reasons of a contested divorce can be:

  • adultery
  • unreasonable behaviour,
  • maltreatment, physical violence or attempt to kill,
  • if one of the spouses has committed a crime,
  • desertion: if the spouses were separated for at least six months and the separation continues, the spouse that was deserted can file a lawsuit for divorce,
  • mental disease,
  • Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

The judge may decide on precautionary child custody and precautionary alimony payments at the beginning of the court case.

Divorce Case For Foreigners In Turkey with Non Turkish Partners

If you are both foreigners living in Turkey and if you are from the same nationality, your country’s law shall be applied in Turkey for your divorce case. However if you are from different countries, then Turkish Law shall be applied.